Asher White Goes Outside

by Asher White

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a collection of 6 short songs written over a 3-week period of relative isolation & structurelessness immediately following the commencement of by sophomore yr + the release of my album. i had horrible bouts of vertigo but was generally content w/ my lifestyle which for the most part consisted of sleeping, writing, and then taking extensive walks by the beach, which i did at least once daily not just to appear sexy & contemplative but also to fully immerse myself int he lovely / uneasy summer experience AND relieve myself of anxiety.

these songs are more verbose in that unlike AWMTGOD, the lyrics mostly all came first & actually have more than 5 words. It's not really more experimental but it's certainly less accessible as it is not as easy-going or polished.

there are few to none electric guitars or synths or anything & i recorded this entirely on my porch or in my bedroom with my shitty Blue Snowball mic instead of equipment of quality, so it's more stripped down & less shiny.


released June 23, 2016



all rights reserved


Asher White Chicago, Illinois

even weirder is when you certain sounds can evoke experiences or emotions or moods & that's my goal. teenage altoid eater & noise spitter & paint dribbler & laugher. i just want to create infinite worlds of sound

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Track Name: drive-thru
only a little after last night in the car
i wade through the thick sunlight & crack my neck on the grass outside my house
at the drive-thru i lose my wallet, i run inside & try to stall
& now the air buzzes around my messy head, it's only worse when i'm in bed
but still i'm just glad, i'm just happy you're my friends
Track Name: occurrences that would likely take place if i were to stop walking
if i ever stopped walking, my skin would shrivel up
and my bones, they would crumble
and my legs would atrophy within days
and i'd be lighter than a feather
picked up by the wind, dissolved by the weather
i'd lose all control, and i'd spin fast
so i keep my strong feet careful on the path

all i need is a smile & a wave
by the beach, alone there every day
i feel aimless, but i'm content
the mornings are too harsh but the evenings are gentle
Track Name: city spinning (softest bed)
& the city spins around my head again
& i'm left dizzy searching for my friends
& as the traffic lurches i'm pulled to the lake
my feet are careful & the gravel keeps me safe

softest bed, pull the tension from my head
i'll count stairs until i'm dead

my eyes don't move unless i let them drift
from the patch of sand the stubborn lake refused to kiss
& i can see my last footsteps & i know i'm not lost
& i'm not done until my head falls off
Track Name: help somebody
can’t seem to keep out
what’s left of you
it leaks into my house
now my roof caves in
i’m walking faster
i try to keep up
i’m on my own now
i know to speak up
somebody help somebody
close the door when you leave
Track Name: summer resolutions
as the sun eats the leaves
i am wandering through the streets
and i’ll re-do my steps until i get what i need
when i’m thirsty i feel happy cause i know it can be quenched
and i’m hoping i’ll run into you, i’m living on the edge of my seat
in the morning, i feel restless in my bed
but i can leave, & walk outside, & i can start to clear my head
under my eyelids
pictures flicker
but i can mostly shake them away
but then the air, it clogs the room, & there’s no needle in the hay
but i know that the sun will come & crack my window open
& let out all of the steam or at least that’s what i’m hoping
just another endless summer, this time i’ll practice my aim
just as long as you stay here, i’m just really glad you came
i’m back here, i’m on my porch now, and the buildings are now trees
promising a resolution, singing gentle w/ the breeze